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Hubei thousand ridge decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd.

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  • property:Joint venture
  • industry:Real estate / building / property / decoration
  • registered:50ten thousandRMB
  • scale of company:More than 50 people
  • district:Shashi District
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Requirements: more than 30 years old, more than 3 years of work experience, have business planning related work experience!
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  Hubei thousand ridge decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2011   Hubei thousand ridge Decoration Design Co., Ltd. set up sounded the thousand ridge decoration from the coast to the mainland to enter the horn, in July 2012 in the center of Songzi set up the first branch. Hubei Qian Ling Decoration Engineering Company Limited will be the spirit of "wisdom decoration, good and not expensive" service concept, to provide fashionable, trendy, high grade and high performance Home Furnishing decoration services to the people of Jingzhou, the design for the soul, for this, based on the construction of public service, integrity management, thousands of people together, not chasing Ling end, Hubei 1000 ridge decoration company will become a decoration industry in Hubei Province is one of the most decorated flashing
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