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Responsibilities: responsible for engineering projects
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The air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, is an eternal mission, customers create value for the goal of the modern enterprise to create low carbon energy-saving central air conditioning system. The company specializes in the production, design, sale and installation of commercial, household central air conditioning and ground / water source heat pump systems. Dedicated to providing professional design, construction and service for all kinds of cooling and heating needs of large engineering and home users. And long-term cooperation with international and domestic well-known brands of cold and warm enterprises to join hands to provide you with a set of reasonable solutions for cold and warm. Relying on the strong talents and scientific and technological advantages of Tsinghua University, the company has formed a relatively perfect operating mechanism. To provide customers with low-carbon living environment and comprehensive energy system energy saving solutions, the development of low-carbon economy, protect the earth environment. The company takes "effective management rules, advanced system technology, saving cost management, high-quality customer service to build boutique project implementation" as the business philosophy. The company always takes market demand and technological progress as the guide, and based on stable product quality, based on market competition, with rapid and thoughtful after-sales service, to expand the user network, with excellent quality and reputation to win the trust of users. Companies adhere to the "environmental protection. Energy saving. Low carbon. To meet the needs of users" principle, to promote the development of green building, improve the energy efficiency of buildings, with limited resources and minimal energy consumption and achieve economic and social benefits to maximize the power of green Chinese! We are looking forward to join hands with you to create a better future!
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